Young Researchers Award

This annual award aims to foster innovation in the use and mobilization of biodiversity data shared through the GBIF network.

Nora Escribano
2017 Young Researchers Award winner Nora Escribano, in the stacks at the Museum of Zoology, University of Navarra, Spain.

The GBIF Secretariat currently presents two annual prizes: the Young Researchers Award (described below) and the GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Challenge.

Young Researchers Awards

The Young Researchers Awards is an annual programme aimed at fostering innovative research and discovery in biodiversity informatics. The YRAs provide prizes to two graduate students—generally one Master’s candidate and one Ph.D candidate—nominated by GBIF Participant countries.

The GBIF Secretariat will issue the next call for submissions in November 2018, with a deadline for submissions in mid-April 2019.

Read about the 2018 winners: Kate Ingenloff and Raquel Gaião Silva

Since its inception in 2010, the GBIF Young Researchers Award has sought to encourage innovation in the use and mobilization of biodiversity data shared through the GBIF network.

Calls for nominations go out each spring, and interested students must submit applications to the Head of Delegation of a GBIF Participant country. These national delegations are responsible for forwarding a maximum of two nominations to the GBIF Secretariat.

Graduate students wishing to be considered for the nominations should consult the websites of their national GBIF Participants or contact the Head of Delegation or node manager directly. The GBIF Secretariat and national Participants whose nominees are selected to receive the award are announced just before GBIF’s annual Governing Board meeting.

Previous winners

Year Winner, country affiliation Winner, country affiliation
2018 Kate Ingenloff (news item)
United States
Raquel Gaião Silva)
2017 Nora Escribano Compains (news item)
Itanna Oliveira Fernandes (news item)
2016 Juan M. Escamilla Mólgora (news item)
Bruno Umbelino da Silva Santos (news item)
2015 Fatima Parker-Allie (news item)
South Africa
Gonzalo Enrique Pinilla Buitrago (news item)
Colombia, Venezuela & Mexico
2014 Vijay Barve (news item)
Caoimhe Marshall (news item)
2013 Emma Gomez-Ruiz
Nathan Ranc
2012 Salvador Arias
Elkin Tenorio Moreno
2011 César Antonio Ríos-Muñoz
Conor Ryan
2010 Amy McDougall
United Kingdom
Andrés Lira-Noriega
United States