BIFA: Biodiversity Information Fund for Asia

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2016 BIFA BIC workshop

BIFA—the Biodiversity Information Fund for Asia—provides supplementary support for existing activities within the GBIF network, addressing the needs of regional researchers and policymakers through mobilization and use of biodiversity data.

The programme is the outcome of a contribution from the Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan, earmarked for activities in Asia.

Activities supported by BIFA will help establish and strengthen national biodiversity information facilities, expand the GBIF network in the region and add to the ability of Asian researchers and decision-makers to access data required for the management of the region’s biodiversity.

The fund supports projects that:

  • Assess user needs to inform data mobilization strategies at the national and regional level

  • Mobilize data from the Asian region and make them available for reuse

  • Support capacity-related activities in Asia, such as training workshops and mentoring actions with the collaboration of multiple GBIF Participants

  • Produce and adapt key learning and promotional resources

  • Help identify data requirements for policy and decision making