Mobilizing a country-wide, long-term camera trap data set in Cambodia

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Northern pig-tailed macaque (Macaca leonina)
Northern pig-tailed macaque (Macaca leonina) caught on a camera trap. Image with permission from Simon Mahood under license CC BY 2.0

Cambodia is one of the most biodiverse countries in South East Asia with many globally significant populations of mammals. The nocturnal and often shy habits of many species spanning large areas at low densities makes traditional surveying methods difficult. Camera traps have thus been a useful tool to monitor biodiversity and many have been set up by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in Cambodia to gain insight into elusive species. A wealth of images and data have been captured over two decades providing a large resource of important biological information on species distribution and relative abundance for large and small mammals as well as birds.

This project will galvanize the camera trap data initiated in 2001 and create an effective and appropriate system allowing access for future aggregate analysis and outreach. With multiple projects across many protected areas collecting a large number of images, data management is an important issue. Recently, 15,000 film-based camera trap images were digitized and indexed. The next phase of this work is the indexing of an estimated 75,000 digital camera trap images. Once completed, and with the full film and digital collection collated into an appropriate and dedicated system, this rich, long-term dataset can be used in an array of monitoring and ecological studies.

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1 Apr 2018 - 31 Mar 2019
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Simon Mahood, Senior Technical Advisor
Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Cambodia Program
WCS, #21, Street 21, Sangkat Tonle Bassac,P.O. Box 1620
Phnom Penh, Cambodia